How to Turn Leads into Customers

Written by Jeff Cole on April 19, 2017

Attracting visitors is not enough. You also have to know what to do with them. This article explores how you can position yourself as an expert, invite visitors to ask questions and get them to turn into customers by clearly outlining the next steps.

Recognize the Problem and Outline Solutions

Your customers don’t want to use your services. They want to solve their problems. It’s your job to tell them how to combine the two. First, you have to acknowledge their problem or their needs. Then you need to outline the solutions.

Use Deadlines to Your Advantage

Deadlines work because they add a sense of urgency. For example, you could offer your customers a free consultation if they schedule the appointment before a certain date.

You can also use this strategy for your email marketing. If one of your leads hasn’t converted to a paying customer after a certain number of days, you should stop contacting them. But before they are deleted off of your email list, send them an email letting them know. It could sound something like this:

“We haven’t heard from you since last month, so we have decided to stop flooding your inbox. We’d be happy to answer your questions anytime, but we’re going to wait until you’re ready. Please feel free to call or email us anytime.”

Tell Them What Happens Next

Your sales process should be clearly outlined to your customers. Instead of waiting for them to call you, it’s your job to tell them what happens next. This means you need to think about the flow of your sales process when you build your website, train your sales team, and collect customer information. Your goal is to get your customer to take the next reasonable step in the buying process.

For example, after they download a white paper, you can encourage them to sign up for a newsletter, or if they emailed you with a question, you could offer to schedule a phone consultation.

Speed Up Your Response Time

The most important step in the process is to respond to your customers quickly. A speedy response is very important. If your customer sent you a question, and you don’t respond within an hour, they may have already forgotten about it or moved on to a competitor. If you don’t have staff watching your sales inbox 24/7, then you might want to use tools that give you text notification of leads.