How to Grow Your Service Brand's Following on Facebook

Written by Jeff Cole on August 4, 2017

A service brand facebook page illustration

As the world’s largest social media network and a whopping 66% of adults logging in daily, it’s a no-brainer that brands should hone their Facebook marketing to successfully get in front of their target audience.

Building your presence on Facebook will yield amazing returns from your marketing efforts. This can include increased visibility, fresh leads, sales, and repeat business. With many consumers using Facebook as a source of information and a way to connect with companies, positioning your service brand in this respect will create new opportunities that can ultimately improve your bottom-line.

Growing your followers is typically a top goal most businesses have for their Facebook marketing. In this guide, we’ve outlined 5 practical ways on how you can boost your following and drive more awareness to your service brand.

#1 Use Keywords

Although looking up specific brands on social media has been a common practice for years, many consumers are discovering that they can use social networks to actually find a company that deals with the product or service they need (Source: Kissmetrics).

In other words, users are now leveraging keywords to convey their needs in search of companies that can fulfill them. So using them isn’t just limited to your blogging and SEO strategy. They’re highly applicable for your social marketing and Facebook is no exception.

Additionally, hashtags are not as effective on Facebook as they are on other sites like Twitter and Instagram. To begin expanding your reach on Facebook through your content, include keywords that your audience is actively searching for. Use native analytics or your social media management tool to discover which keywords are producing results in growing your followers.

#2 Host Facebook Contests

Social media contests work well in generating excitement around your content. Hosting a Facebook contest can quickly boost your service brand exposure and encourage existing followers to invite their network in on the fun. You’ll boost engagement and foster new users to participate in your contest.

A huge advantage to Facebook contests is that they’re simple to execute in your inbound marketing. It doesn’t require a lot of planning and you can implement them immediately. Additionally, winners get to experience your products or services when you give them away as prizes which position you for new customers, referrals, and positive reviews.

An easy example is the “Like My Post to Win Contest”. Just ask participants to like your post and follow you to enter. Pin an image post that welcomes new followers and inspires them to share the contest on their time.

Don’t forget to email your list to increase participation!

#3 Ask Group Members to Invite New People

Have you created a Facebook group for your followers? If not, it’s an excellent way to provide an additional channel for customers to reach you and create an engaging community around your service brand. You’ll bring like-minded people together while having an outlet to share your website content, offer promotions, and highlight company happenings.

The key to a successful Facebook group is keeping your members active through conversation and resourceful content. When people feel that your group is valuable, they’re more likely to invite others especially if it’s a private group. Therefore, be sure to create a content schedule where you’re regularly posting to your group and encouraging responses.

It’s an excellent idea to get your members involved in growing your group by asking them to invite their networks. Your numbers will increase quickly and it gives you a chance to get your message in front of new eyeballs.

#4 Leverage Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting (also called remarketing) is a paid strategy where you place a tracking code on your actual website that will then set a tracking snippet or cookie on the browser of those who actually visit your website. As a result, your ad content will “follow” your visitors everywhere they go online.

You see, many visitors who land on your website never return. This strategy effectively keeps your brand “top of mind” to incite repeat visits.

The same concept can be applied to social media. Facebook retargeting is extremely cost-efficient for your business and easy to implement. It’s strongly recommended to growing your website traffic, getting more eyeballs to your landing pages for new leads, and growing your audience on Facebook.

Facebook retargeting should be an ongoing campaign that continuously runs to increase Facebook followers.

#5 Valuable Content Always Wins!

Inbound marketing centers around sharing content that is deemed valuable and useful to your target audience. Facebook is the perfect platform for publishing quality-rich posts that further your position as an authority in your industry. Although some users are seeking to connect and interact on social, most look forward to helpful tips. Extending your advice is a sure way to boost engagement and keep them coming back to your content.

You’ll also build trust with new followers. It shows you’re not solely promoting your business but truly desire to add life to your fans. People will follow you simply as a source of information…a premier tactic to attracting potential customers to your service brand.

Here are a few ways to publish quality content on Facebook:

– Images have been proven to drive engagement. Share quote images, GIFs, memes, infographics and photos to add variety to your content, appeal to different audiences and showcase your brand’s culture.

– Live videos rock! People spend 3 times longer watching live videos versus ones that have been prerecorded. Use Facebook Live as a way to authentically connect with your followers. When promoting the time of your broadcast, mention keywords so new people can view your show.

– Share your evergreen and blog post links including keywords in the headline.

– Upload videos directly to Facebook to increase organic reach.


Facebook is indeed one of the best platforms to grow your followers and increase brand awareness. Use this guide to discover which tactics work best at building and engaging your followers. With consistency, you’ll drive favorable results such as traffic and lead generation, improved sales, and fan loyalty.

Much success.