Introduction to Collaborative Marketing: Part I

Written by Jeff Cole on November 6, 2016

As businesses, we are always trying to find the best ways to get the most out of our investments. Co-marketing, or collaborative marketing, is a great way for two or more companies to mutually benefit from a low-cost campaign. Together, co-marketing companies can collaborate through separate distribution channels and reach more customers than they otherwise would.

The benefits of co-marketing

Co-marketing is the collaboration between two companies to promote a co-branded offer. In a partnership like this, both companies promote content services and share the results of the promotion. Co-marketing campaigns are designed to deliver more leads and awareness from a greater audience with less work.

The types of co-marketing

Co-marketing can help your business reach a new audience. The most common type of co-marketing effort is for two companies with similar audiences to work together on a single piece of content and promote that content to both audiences.

The content can range from white papers to e-books and is published through a lead generation platform to capture lead information. This way, both partners share downloads from the content promotion and get twice as many leads as they would alone.

While content is the most common, co-marketing comes in many forms. Below are some of the various ways co-marketing is displayed.

Blog: Businesses can contribute articles to each other’s sites, like guest blogging, but with the intention of promoting each other.

E-book: Co-writing an e-book takes more time and effort than a blog article, but can be worthwhile if the content is new.

Case Study: Case studies and research surveys tend to be expensive and time consuming, but if it’s about a common issue that many people are interested in, it may be cited again and again along with your business name. This is a great way to gain legitimacy through well-researched facts.

Infographic: Infographics are fairly easy and don’t require much spending, especially if you already have the data and facts on-hand. They are popular way to share information due to their readability and graphic display.

Video: Videos are great if you want to get more creative. They can be comedic, educational, appeal to emotions, and more. Co-creating videos can reduce costs if you were planning to create one alone.

Webinar:  Hosting an online presentation to a live audience is a great way to reach and educate people.

Now that you know what collaborative marketing is and the types of co-marketing out there, do you feel it could benefit you? Find out the best tips and tricks on running a successful co-marketing campaign in Part II: How to Start Co-Marketing.