5 Benefits of Live Chat for Home Care Agencies (And 4 Strategies for Making it Work)

Written by Jeff Cole on August 25, 2017

Illustrated caregiver using live chat on a mobile phone and holding a heart

Whether you’re looking for more clients or boosting your caregiver job applicants, live chat is one of the key tools in your marketing arsenal. With the right live chat strategy, you can substantially increase client satisfaction and make it easier to reach your target audience. These benefits of live chat for home care agencies will have you eagerly changing your home care marketing strategy to add this beneficial technology.

1. Live chat is the preferred communication channel of adult children who are looking for care for a parent.

They don’t want to have to wait for email responses. Rather, they’re eager to enjoy the immediate response that comes from connecting directly with a live representative. By embracing their preferred communication method, you can connect more effectively with interested adult children who are eager to ensure that their aging parents have the care they need.

2. Increase your website conversions with live chat for your home care agency.

Your website is a vital marketing tool. Adding website chat software will enable you to make the most out of your website. When clients are able to have their questions about your home care agency answered immediately, they’re more likely to select you to meet their needs. Live chat ensures that clients aren’t missing any of the pieces of the puzzle that will allow them to choose your business.

3. Raise client satisfaction through this critical home care marketing tool. 

When you have website chat software installed, you can communicate immediately with both current and potential clients. This allows you to swiftly address concerns, answer questions, and provide responses to any issues. Even if your chat representatives don’t have the power to address a client’s concerns immediately, they can give them the assurance that their issue is being taken care of–and that can provide an additional layer of comfort that will make clients more at ease with your home care agency.

4. Substantially reduce your response time.

When you run a home care agency, your clients often need immediate responses. Whether they’re looking for someone to help care for an aging parent who has recently been released from the hospital or they’ve just decided, as a family, that an aging parent needs additional help, most adult children are ready to move swiftly once they make the decision to pursue in-home care. When they reach this critical stage of the decision-making process, they need fast answers from your company. By installing live chat software, you can significantly reduce your response time and know that your clients are getting the fast response they need from your company.

5. Live chat effectively complements the existing help strategies on your website.

Live chat doesn’t have to stand alone! Instead, it effectively complements your existing help strategies. From a frequently asked questions section that will allow clients to find the answer to questions on their own to email contact information, your live chat software is just one segment of your client support strategy–as it should be! Ideally, this strategy will work hand-in-hand with your existing strategies, encouraging clients to seek out the information they need in the method that works best for them.

Making Live Chat Work for Your Home Care Agency

Happy senior man and home nurse sitting on sofa using digital tablet for live chat

Once you have decided to implement live chat for your home care agency, it’s important to make sure that it’s working for your clients. These strategies will make it easier to connect with interested adult children who are eager to learn more about what your agency can offer.

1. Make sure your chat agents fully understand what your business can offer.

They should be as familiar as possible with every aspect of your business. Chat agents shouldn’t be reduced to looking up information on the website; rather, they should have a deep understanding of the company’s goals, the services that you’ll provide to the individuals under your care, and pricing.

2. Keep it human.

While operating from a script is a great way to be sure that every individual who connects with your company receives the same type of service, it’s also highly impersonal. Instead, encourage chat representatives to develop a rapport with clients. This is particularly important for a home care agency since the decision to invest in home care for an aging loved one is often a difficult one for family members. Families who believe that your agency genuinely cares are more likely to choose you to care for their loved ones.

3. Set clear live chat goals.

Is your goal to push your agency, or is to answer client queries in a caring, comprehensive manner? If your live chat session is little more than a sales pitch, clients will often be turned off. Instead, make it clear that the goal of your live chat representatives is to offer clients the help they need in order to make a decision about home care for their loved ones.

4. Know when to chat.

Does your offer to chat pop up as soon as a client visits your website? If so, they may end up closing it out long before they decide whether or not they want to use it. Creating an option that clients can choose at their convenience or offering a chat session to clients who appear to be deeply invested in the process will make it easier to weed out genuinely interested clients who are ready to make a decision about home care from those who are just browsing. Understanding client responses and needs can also help your representatives know when it’s time to escalate to a live chat.

Live chat can have a number of benefits for your home care agency. By carefully considering your website chat software needs, you can develop a chat strategy for your home care agency that will boost conversions and make it easier for you to connect with interested clients who need exactly what your agency has to offer.

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