IP Targeting: Leveraging Big Data in a New Way

Written by Jeff Cole on November 3, 2016

 Direct Mail Is Expensive

Direct mail has been the standard for decades now. With direct mail, you get to send a highly personalized, highly relevant message to a highly targeted market. It’s a great option for high-touch firms like yours to reach consumers.

However, direct mail can be very cost prohibitive as the design, format, printing, postage, mailing, and permit costs add up on top of an initial customer list purchase.

Luckily, with new technology, you can get the same hyper targeting as direct mail for less. Now that the internet has changed the way people shop for services, IP Targeting is the new generation of direct mail.

Adapting to a Changing Market

IP Targeting is an advertising practice that uses a computer’s IP address to deliver ads to users of that network as they’re browsing the internet. IP Targeting enables you to target unique users at a specific household. Since your ads reach the exact target household, you have zero wasted impressions.

Like direct mail, IP Targeting begins by collecting socio-economic and familial data points to physically locate consumers within your target demographic. In essence, it begins with a customer mailing list. Unlike direct mail, IP Targeting takes it a step further. It matches IP addresses to the list of names and physical street addresses. Then, it precisely displays advertisements to your target demographic as they visit websites.

More for Less

It’s less expensive and has the same targeting ability as direct mail without the printing and mailing costs. Plus, instead of reaching a household with a direct mail piece once a month, you can target a household with higher frequency. Reach them up to dozens of times a month. Since it works without cookies, IP targeting advertisements can’t be blocked. It’s not physical in substance, so it can’t be thrown away either.

Proven Track Record

IP Targeting is used across many different industries:

Colleges and universities use IP Targeting to attract new students. Since IP Targeting directs advertisements to all computers on a single household network, colleges target both potential students and their parents simultaneously.
Political candidates reach specific households through their IP address and deliver messages to voters who are known to have voted in a past election based on their address.
Credit unions and banks target people who have equity in their homes or existing customers who have bank accounts through their institution.
Car dealers use existing customer lists to retarget previous customers to return to their dealership.

Is IP Targeting For You?

As a home care agency, lead generation through direct mail can be very costly and sometimes inefficient. Further, you can engage adult children wherever they are online. You can let them know that you can provide quality services for very little marketing dollars spent. Give your wallet a break and try IP Targeting today.