Keep Your Email Marketing Personal, Respectful, and Effective: 2 Quick Tips

Written by Jeff Cole on November 24, 2016

Email marketing sometimes get a bad rap.  But done right, it can be one of the most effective marketing channels. The primary reason is that it’s a direct channel that can be used to reach individuals personally.  And everyone (well, almost everyone) has an email address. However, you probably know from experience that unsolicited emails can get really annoying. To reduce unwanted emails, people may filter out any unsolicited emails by only enabling approved senders’ emails to their inboxes or adding other types of filters.

Here are two quick tips on how to ensure your email marketing strategy is personal, respectful, and effective:

Make It Personal

Some people simply just never read their email messages if they believe it is from a business.

A quick way to get around this, at least initially, is to have some type of personalization in your email. For example, instead of sending an email from, it would be more personal to send it from jeff@

Make it more personal by using merge variables.  If you have the data, always use the recipients  first name, like “Hi Jen!” – it can make all the difference.

Get creative with personalization in the subject line.  What we’ve found works well is using the first name in the subject.  Here are a couple examples of how we could personalize an email with this blog article:

Subject: Interested in learning more about email marketing John?

Subject: thought you may like this article John

Most email marketing applications today make it really easy to include personalization variables.  If you have any questions, shoot us an email at – we love talking about this stuff.

Make It Easy to Say Goodbye

If people are annoyed, they won’t buy.

So don’t forget an opt-out link. You should give prospects the chance to unsubscribe to your emails, so as to not overstep boundaries by continuously sending unwanted future emails.  However, just having a link that says unsubscribe is so boring.

Here are some of our favorite examples of unsubscribe links we’ve received that add a bit of flare and personality:

I’m a real person and will respond, but if you want to say goodbye, just unsubscribe here.

If you don’t want to hear from me (I won’t be offended), click here.

If you hate getting awesome emails from me, simply unsubscribe here.

These are just two quick tips, but always remember that the email has to be valuable and interesting.  If it’s not, no amount of personalization will help.