Chatbots - The Fast Track to Building Customer Relationships

Written by Jeff Cole on October 25, 2017

Live Chat Building Customer Relationships

When communication is used in the best possible way, it draws us closer together and helps us to reach each other.

This isn’t all that different from communication that is effectively used in business…

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”- Paul J. Meyer

Personally and professionally, communication is a powerful medium that can dictate success or failure. Companies know that customer relationships are vital, how many businesses actually understand and appreciate the value of communication in building those relationships, however, might be another matter.

Chatbots are an often overlooked tool that is ideal for reaching, connecting and building relationships with your customers. In fact, according to one report, an impressive 92% of customers are satisfied when using live chat.

Finding evidence and statistics to support the success and benefits of using chatbots is easy, using chatbots effectively requires a little more knowledge.

The Versatility of Chat

Using chatbots is one of the fastest ways to establish a report and build relationships with your customers. This can be done in a variety of ways which attests to the versatility of chat.

24/7 support – Chatbots makes it easier for businesses to be available around the clock and easier for customers to reach you.

Multi-tasking made easier – While chat does demand some of your attention and time, it isn’t like we can’t carry on numerous conversations simultaneously. Chatbots also free us to do many other activities as well, making it conducive for multi-tasking.

Please HOLD – Who hasn’t been asked to wait when calling a support desk or customer service representative? There is no such thing as “holding” while chatting, nuisance eliminated!

Online support – Imagine being right there next to your customer while they are making their purchase. Being there to close the deal, offer help and gently influence those decisions. Chatbots afford you those benefits and gives your customers that little extra nudge they might need.

Customer Engagement

How many customers visit your website weekly, monthly or yearly? For every new visitor and for every return visitor who hasn’t yet been converted, lies an opportunity. Do you want to take a guess at what one of the most subtle and organic options to engage those visitors might be?

That little chat box is the customer service desk sign, it is the information center sign and the place where customers will go to get questions answered or to ask for help. That simple, “let us know if we can help” option represented by your chatbot can spark the next conversion and the one after that.

Smart Chat

Don’t be fooled into thinking that chatbots and software are limited, they actually are getting smarter, more versatile and more effective. The advances in AI have gone a long way in making this a reality. One example of chat getting smarter is specialized hybrid chats.

Imagine your AI guided chatbot in the role of a virtual sales assistant. This bot will engage, qualify and obtain details about your visitors that will translate to leads. This is where that chatbot gets really smart – this virtual assistant will then alert you to viable leads based on those details and the qualifying questions. From here, you step into the conversation seamlessly and already knowing that your website visitor has been qualified.

That means more conversations that matter, a better customer experience and improved customer conversion rates.

Getting Started

It all begins with that aforementioned AI-driven chatbot that works as a virtual assistant. These helpful bots greet your website visitors, collect pertinent information and can even schedule appointments.

Design and customize your bot to communicate and work within the parameters you set. Industry-specific scripts that speak the jargon and guide your bots interactions should feel natural while being helpful and professional.

This information and these engagements are then converted to leads. Based on the data, the proper department or company associate will then be alerted along with the corresponding information. This type of intelligent lead routing is just one more example of bots getting better – and smarter.

The Technical Side

Of course, chatbots are another extension of technology and how it is being used in communication today. For most businesses, integrating chat into an existing IT framework will require some expertise. Having a partner who understands both the business and technical side of chatbots is essential.

The technical side will include considerations such as how flexible is your chat software in working with conversion codes? Does it easily integrate with major platforms such as Salesforce or Hubspot? Chat software is now advanced enough that it shouldn’t require a complete overhaul of your IT infrastructure.

On the business side, you want a chatbot that speaks your industry verbiage, that is easy to use and a partner that understands this.

It Begins and Ends with Conversation

Every introduction, persuasion, and close requires communication on some level. Chatbot software that is effective and smart means never missing a conversation. It means being there when you need to be and more opportunities to make those website visitors, customers.

Want to build relationships faster, grow your customer base and increase revenue? Then talk more, talk more often and make these conversations as productive as possible. That is the essence of chat and the reason why chat is resulting in such success.

63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat as opposed to one that doesn’t.

77% of customers won’t make a purchase if there’s no live chat support.

These two statistics from a Business 2 Community report only reveal more of the mounting successes being experienced by chat users. Chatbots have become the fast track to building customer relationships at scale.