10 Things You Can Do with Business Text Messaging

Written by Jeff Cole on November 1, 2017

In the last few decades, the number of ways to reach out to your customers just keeps growing. From phone calls and postcards to emails and banner ads.

Now we’re in the era of instant chat, social media, and text messaging. Each new layer of contact builds on the last with the older methods remaining useful for older clients and sometimes the newer methods are the only way to reach younger clients. As a tech-savvy company, no doubt you have a website, mobile accessibility, a few social media accounts, and are hungry for more ways to reach out to your target audience.

If you don’t already have business texting, now is the perfect time to incorporate it. More of the population is equipped with cell phones every year as mobile devices continue to improve and, naturally, you want to be able to stay in contact with your customer even if they’re on-the-go all day long.

Not sure what to do with a business texting system? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are ten of the best ways to use text messaging to delight your customers and bring in more business.

1) Loyalty Rewards

Text messaging in an opt-in service your clients can sign up for when they make an account with you. Once they give you their cell number and permission to send messages, you can start rewarding their participation immediately. Loyalty rewards generally offer discounts and special offers to specific customers who have shopped with you before based on their profile and buying habits. This not only makes customers feel good about working with you, targeted offers are also more likely to be purchased thus increasing your number of daily sales. When loyalty reward messages are sent via text, this means each message is more likely to be opened and that it gets to your customers while they’re out and able to swing by your venue.

2) Appointment Reminders

If your business has any kind of appointments, text reminders are incredibly helpful to your clients. It’s all too easy to lose track of time but nobody likes to miss their appointment due to sheer absent-mindedness. By sending a text about half an hour before a scheduled event, you are providing an invaluable service to your customers by helping make it on time. Reminders are great for doctors offices, restaurants with reservations, and even business meetings with clients to ensure that everyone is on the right page and will be arriving at the same time.

Woman using her mobile phone, city skyline night light background

3) Regional Events

When something is happening in a specific area of a city or neighborhood, you may want to let all your customers in that region know about it. The vast majority of regional events are sales or special promotions that companies would like their customers to participate in but it could be other things like a charitable show or a special party that you want clients to attend. Sending regional event invitations through text messages means they are more likely to be opened and customers already out on the town can be tempted to come check it out.

4) Remote Orders

One of the greatest conveniences of modern mobile technology is the ability to order deliveries and take-out from absolutely anywhere. With a system that can both send and receive business text messages, you can both invite customers to confirm a ‘usual’ order or take quick and easy orders through texted messages. This also allows customers to send in requests for an appointment or arrange for products to be ready for pick-up.

5) Surveys and Contests

Text message surveys and contests are one of the earliest applications of business texting. Many companies have encouraged customer participation by bringing the promotional events directly to their phones. With the right texting system, you can send out thousands of invitations to text back for participation points and prizes. Text surveys are a great way to get quick responses to a marketing question or raise awareness on a particular issue and everyone loves the chance to win a prize with contests.

6) Account Updates

Every now and then a customer’s important account information changes or company policy changes something customers must know about. In these situations, companies are obligated to send out a message and sometimes that message requires a certain amount of responding action. Text alerts are a great way to let your customers know that a change has been made to their account that may need their attention.

7) Schedule Changes

Sometimes you or your client can’t make a set appointment. In the business world, this is perfectly alright as long as both parties are notified of the change of schedule well ahead of time. Rather than hoping your client checks their email half an hour before the previously scheduled time, you can send a text to ensure that they don’t have to be frustrated because they missed the reschedule message. Receiving texts to your business also allows customers to reschedule with you if their timing needs change.

8) Virtual Gifts

Your clients are wonderful and deserve the occasional reward. One particularly nice way to make your customers not only happy with your service but more welcoming to future text messages is to send them virtual gifts through SMS. This can be anything from promotional codes for discounts on their next shopping spree or an actual digital item like an ebook or music.

9) Verification Codes

One of the most common uses of business texting is a secure way to send and receive account verification codes. This is because while others may be able to log into their email using saved passwords, it’s very unlikely that an imposter would also be holding your client’s cell phone at the same time.

10) Customer Support

Customers reach out for support when things go wrong through every channel available to them. While you might prefer that they only call or email your service desk, they will try to contact you through social media, comment threads, your forums, and yes, even text messaging. By opening the channel and preparing to offer business texting services right off the bat, you can receive requests for help and provide excellent customer service through the SMS system. This is particularly useful for customers who are on the road or whose internet is out.

Business texting is an amazing way to open another set of virtual doors for your clients and customers. Whether you’re a busy restaurant or a remote IT service provider or anything in between, text messages for your business could be the best marketing decision you make all year.

For more information about getting business texting set up for your company, check out our solution here.