Building Your Brand Through Display Ads

Written by Jeff Cole on November 2, 2016

Banner ads are a form of display ads found on the internet. Delivered on ad servers, running a banner ad involves embedding an advertisement on a webpage. This works to attract targeted traffic to the advertiser’s website.

Banner ads are effective for several reasons. They provide cost effective marketing, targeted advertising, impression monitoring, and build your brand.

Audience Reach

With 3.17 billion users on the internet, banner ads reach an even bigger audience than other traditional types of media.

You could benefit from banner advertising if you want to:

Increase Brand Recognition.

Banner ads effectively enhance brand recognition. Incorporate features that convey brand identity like the brand name, colors, or symbols. This make it easy for prospects to recognize the brand.

Boost Web Traffic and Search Results.

Banner ads offer a direct pathway from the website it is displayed on right to your website with just the click of the button. As a result, consumers don’t even need to type your web address in.

Like increased web traffic, display ads boost the number of times your brand is searched for online. The Online Publishers Association found an average increase of nearly 30% in site visits. They also saw 55% more time spent on a brand’s website due to online branding campaigns.

Perform Targeted Advertising.

Noteworthily, banners ads give you the option of IP Targeting. IP Targeting personalizes your online advertisements. It lets you zero in on your target consumers where they are located. For example, do you offer a service in Los Angeles county? Let the local market know by showing a display ad to that area’s IP addresses.

Remarket and retarget.

Do you want a second or even fourth chance to capture a target market? Your target market may not be converted the first time they view your banner ads. Don’t fret through – you just remarket through banner ads, reminding them that your company can help them.

Enjoy lower costs.

Unlike other forms of advertising, display ads have no physical material, overhead, or labor costs.

Monitor impressions.

With banner ads, tracking impressions allows you to make meaningful decisions. You can revise your marketing strategy knowing your decision is backed by data.

Positively affect other marketing efforts.

Because two is better than one, combining banner ads with other forms of advertising results in a more powerful and effective campaign. Similarly, banner ads enhance the impact of your other marketing forms.

Studies show that banner ads expand marketing reach and reinforce your sales message. On average, Nielsen researchers found a 32% increase in offline sales. They also saw a ROI of 157% for online display advertising.

Put it in practice

To create an effective banner ad, you should compose a clear and concise message.

  • Always have a prominent call-to-action visual
  • Include promotions and offers if available
  • Balance the ad content for cleanliness
  • Ensure brand name is visible

Finally, don’t forget to measure the performance of the banner ad after. Then, revise and optimize your marketing strategy based on its performance.