Four Benefits of Live Chat for Dentists

Written by Jeff Cole on August 14, 2017

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It’s important for any business, no matter what they do, to make sure that they stay up to date with the times. This is how we aim to help dental professionals. In particular, we can help an office through website chat software for dentists. It’s a new world out there, but this also means that it’s full of opportunities for increasing efficiency and drumming up business with the new tools. Here are a few reasons why website chat software can really light a fire under your practice.

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Freeing Up Phone Time

Generally, people who get a busy signal when they call a dentist’s office will often go on to find a competitor. This is also often true of those who get connected with a phone answering service rather than someone who can actually schedule an appointment. No one likes to spend a lot of time on scheduling since we all have other things we’d much rather be doing.

This includes extra tasks like rescheduling appointments, for example. You really don’t want to lose a potential patient while another one is on the phone rescheduling. Live chat helps you to avoid this potential issue.

Adding Hybrid Live Chat and Bot Options for Dentists

Many sites use a virtual sales assistant and adding a live chat option can help to supplement this approach. That way, if your sales bot gets a lead that looks promising, it can pass it off to a live agent through the chat software who can then help the potential patient see if they’re a good match and potentially schedule them right there.

This way, your site could be open for business much longer than would be possible otherwise, since the chat bots are available all of the time and will only pass on to live agents when they’re available and when it makes sense to do so. Not only will this reduce stress and time wasted for those manning the live chat on your site on one hand, but it will also add the dentists personal touch that a bot might lack.

Driving Conversion

No matter how much traffic you manage to drive to your site, you could nearly always use a higher conversion rate. Take a look at the number of hits you’re getting and just imagine if the percentage of hits that converted into patients were to go up even by a few points.

Implementing live chat can greatly improve your conversion rate success.

A Sure Hit with Younger Crowds

Young people in the age range of 18 to 34 or even a few years later tend to prefer using live chat to other ways of communicating with just about any place they have to call. This includes the dentists’ office. In fact, many young adults might specifically look for offices that have an online presence with a live chat to get the information they need about dental services and even to schedule appointments from there.

In other words, you will automatically be boosting your patients in younger age ranges just by adding a live chat option at all, never mind through all of the other benefits. Millennials in that range are just more comfortable on the Internet. If you let us help you offer it to them, you will already be ahead of the game. They will likely already see you as modern enough to get their business.

The statistics also back up this claim. Here are some examples of studies that show how young people prefer live chat to using the phone:

56 Percent of those 18-34 Prefer Chat to Phone – According to one study, 56 percent of those asked within the 18-34 age range prefer live chat to phones categorically, regardless of the situation. In the same study, only 27 percent over 35 said the same thing. This is a marked difference.

73% Prefer Chat for Customer Service – When it comes specifically to customer service, another study shows that live chat is ranked the highest for customer service satisfaction when compared to email, which only has 66% of respondents preferring, or phone, which was down to 44% for high customer satisfaction. This indicates that you’ll get better responses to your customer service if you go with live chat. Other options including using an app, using a post, using social media, a phone, or a text message. Live chat was the highest rated by a good margin.

The Right Choice – In General, the statistics combine to tell the story that young people prefer live chat over other options and that people, in general, tend to be happier with customer service when it comes in this form. It’s easier to use but still offers the ability for quick and live responses with enough room to really get at the heart of your potential clients’ questions and concerns.

Overall, live chat for dentists has the ability to make your office more efficient, easier to run, and full of more business with more conversion capabilities. The quicker you get started with trying it out, the quicker you can start seeing all of these benefits. It’s also possible to try out a free demo so you can really see if it will work for you. We can help with the whole process and are eager to do so.