Announcing Live Chat and More!

Written by Jeff Cole on April 9, 2017

Our mission has always been to connect web visitors with businesses through the power of automated messaging.  Until now this has mostly occurred behind the scenes – with chatbots engaging, qualifying, and capturing contact details on your behalf.

Today, we’re opening up our platform in a dramatic way.  Going forward, you will be able to observe and participate in the conversations that are happening every day on your website.  This means unprecedented transparency, insight, and control over the lead generation process.

Watch Conversations in Real Time

Every visitor to your website has a story to tell.  Now, you can watch them chat with the automated messenger in real time.   See what qualifiers and questions work well, and where visitors are getting stuck.  Over time, you can use these insights to finely tune the messenger for your unique business use case.

Jump-In, On Your Schedule

Bots are great, but every once in a while a lead needs a human touch.  With our powerful new Jump-In feature, you can take over the conversation and chat with web visitors in real time.  Too busy to converse with everyone?  Get notified when leads reach a certain level of qualification, so you can save your energy for the conversations that matter. 

Easily View and Manage Leads

All of this transparency means a lot more data about who your leads are and what they are saying.  With our new Contacts view, you can easily track and manage your latest prospects in bulk.  From there, you can drill into individual leads to view conversation history, edit contact details, and set appointments.  Managing your leads has never been easier.

Prettier Views and Notifications

We couldn’t release an update without enhancing the design of the site.  Our new visual theme includes easier to read colors and fonts, and has been designed to look stunning on mobile.  Notifications have been re-built from the ground up to highlight relevant details and show a clear, concise summary of the conversation.

Needless to say, we are very excited about this release.  It is the result of feedback across hundreds of customers and thoughtful effort by our design and engineering teams.  We hope you are as excited as we are.  We can’t wait to see all the ways you use the new tools to grow your business!