5 Reasons Taking Advantage of Live Chat Software Will Make the Most of Your Website

Written by Jeff Cole on November 15, 2017

Live chat software message bubbles

Having a website for your company can be instrumental in growing your business, and it can help you build a good reputation in your community.

Just having a website in itself, though, won’t turn potential customers into your customers. You need to have it set up in such a way that people will be motivated to contact you and ultimately buy your products or services.

While there are many fundamental features a good website should have, one tool you don’t want to neglect is a live chat box on your site. Here are 5 reasons taking advantage of live chat software will make the most of your website.

1) Live chat is a convenient contact method for website visitors.

When someone is searching a local business or service online, they are already in that ‘online mode.’ Many people prefer to manage their business online versus talking on the phone, and generally, anyone who is on your website will be looking to get the information they need directly from your website.

Having a contact method that’s convenient and doesn’t require a lot of effort is essential to providing a good customer service experience. According to Forrester, “73% say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service.”

Website live chat is faster than phone calls – Picking up the phone and calling your business is much more work for someone than typing a question into a chat box. If your website visitors have to call you, in their mind, who knows how long they’ll have to be on hold or if anyone will even answer the phone.

Chat offers an immediate response while email doesn’t – Email is a great tool people can use to contact you if they don’t feel like calling. However, most people will expect that they have to wait to get a response, whereas with a live chat they know you will be responding instantaneously.

Of course, you want to have all of your contact info listed on your website’s contact page, but by giving potential or current customers the option of using a live chat to reach out to you, you are offering them a more convenient online experience.

2) Live chat software maximizes your digital marketing ROI.

If you are spending money on marketing methods to get traffic to your website, you want to take advantage of the potential customers those methods are bringing you. It doesn’t do you any good to have people visit your site and learn about your business if they aren’t motivated to engage with your business and become a lead.

Offering a live chat on every page of your website can encourage first-time visitors to get in touch with you. This is great because people will often have quick questions they want to be answered. If you have a FAQ page, they may not have read it, and even so, there will still be additional questions people have.

Your live chat box can also present your business as being friendly and welcoming, which is a great first impression to give, even when people don’t actually use the live chat.

3) Live chat software can help you keep your existing customers satisfied.

When you already have customers, you want to keep them as happy customers. When customers need to get in touch with you- whether to ask a question, to make an appointment, or to seek your assistance in resolving an issue- many of them will no doubt want to take advantage of your digital contact methods. There really isn’t any other online contact method that makes it easier for them than a live chat.

Cropped shot of a couple using live chat software on a laptop while sitting on the sofa

4) Live chat gives you an edge over your competitors.

Offering live chats on your website can set you apart from your competition because chances are not all of the similar businesses in your area are utilizing this. This gives you not only a great way to keep your current customers satisfied, as we just discussed, but also can bring in new customers that are dissatisfied with their experience from a company offering similar products or services.

If two businesses in the same area offer similar services and both are good quality, then the customer service experience can make a huge difference between which company people will choose to use long-term.  In addition, response time drives conversion rate and being the business that responds first often means you win the business.

5.) Live chat can save you money.

At Path, we can utilize artificial intelligence to automate part of your chat, so that your staff doesn’t have to do all of the work, and the appropriate team member can easily be contacted when they need to participate in a chat. This cuts down on your employees’ workload, and will ultimately save you money.

You can learn more about leading website live chat software here.