5 Cheap Lead Generation Strategies for the Small Business

Written by Jeff Cole on April 10, 2017

Growing a business usually entails finding new customers, but this is not always easy for a small company. Lead generation using a digital marketing strategy is an effective way of growing revenues, but it can be a costly endeavor that stretches the cash flow of small businesses to breaking point. Thankfully, there are five relatively cheap lead generation strategies that your company can adopt today.

1. Informative Webinars

If you can become a thought-leader within your industry, people will turn to you for advice and information — and many of these people could be future customers. Give people real value via free webinars, and you should encounter many opportunities for organic lead generation.

2. Search Advertising

Search marketing can be a relatively expensive method of lead generation — depending on the competitiveness of your industry — but it can be highly effective if it is executed properly. You create an advert with Google or one of the other leading search engines, and that ad pops up in the results pages when someone searches for a keyword you targeted. This can get you to the top of search engine results pages, which can be very useful when you’re chasing leads.

3. Email Marketing

You can send newsletters, webinar links, special offers and website updates with a well honed email marketing campaign. This strategy also allows you to target key demographic groups with a specific message. The best way to collect email addresses is through voluntary sign-ups on a website, but it is also possible to buy addresses from an online provider.

4. Optimizing Your Website

The experience you give people who land on your website is crucial to the number of leads you can generate. Users should be able to navigate with ease and speed, and the location of the information required should be fairly obvious. The addition of a chat tool or chatbot, for example, allows you to communicate directly with users as they navigate your site. Optimizing your website for fast and easy use improves the user experience and generates leads at the same time.

5. Partnering with Related Companies

By teaming up with complementary companies and services, you should be able to boost lead generation considerably. For example: if you’re selling laptops, you can pool lead generation resources with companies that sell laptop cases, software and online business services.

By implementing these simple strategies within your own small business, you should be able to capture the leads you need to grow your revenues.