5 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Written by Jeff Cole on December 6, 2016

Market automation changes the game for small businesses. Software that automates repetitive marketing actions, such as emails, social media, and other types of actions.

Marketing automation enables small businesses with limited resources to go head-to-head with industry giants.

How Marketing Automation Helps

Here are some of the ways the marketing automation can help any business:

Save time

By automating your marketing, you can create multiple campaigns. You can schedule posts ahead of time at a set date. For example, you can set aside a day to create a whole month’s worth of Facebook posts and schedule them to post throughout the month automatically.

Reduce costs

There are many marketing automation systems that are available at a low cost. By implementing one of these systems, reducing the time spent on marketing efforts saves you money.

Instead of paying a month’s salary to a full-time marketer, you can cut the costs drastically to part-time wages and a low-cost marketing automation system.

Maximize resources

Going hand-in-hand with time saving and cost reduction, automating your marketing can help you maximize your resources.

Instead of an employee spending all of their time on marketing, they can now shift their attention. Resources can be dedicated to other important matters, like following up with prospects.

Easy to use

The ease of marketing automation, even for the most technically challenged, attracts many users, especially due to the central nature of most marketing automation systems.

For example, on some systems, several social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, are available on one dashboard. You can even publish the same post to multiple social media platforms all at the same time.

Maintain consistent presence

Your brand presence can easily fall to the wayside in the rough and tumble of everyday business. If you schedule your posts ahead of time, you can prevent this. Automated publishing and keeping your business accounts fresh and up-to-date lets visitors view you as invested and engaged.

As you can see, marketing automation lets you connect with customers in a highly personalized way, while saving time and allotting resources efficiently.