4 Things CRM Software Does Better Than People

Written by Jeff Cole on April 5, 2017

Being a sales representative is never an easy job. Dozens of factors can affect your sales numbers. But above all else, the thing that decides whether the customer “bites or slips the hook” is the sales person and the relationship they build with customers and prospects. That is where a quality CRM software solution is indispensable: It never forgets the details. Here are four great examples:

1. What’s in a Name?

Nothing can sink a “cold call” visit like forgetting or not knowing your point-of-contact’s name. Receptionists and security are often trained to turn away solicitors, and if you don’t know who you’re there to see, they won’t tell you. Putting that info into your CRM solves that issue flawlessly.

Better still, you don’t need to limit contact info to just the owner/purchaser for the business. You can put in those same receptionists and security, plus any other employees you come across. Nothing turns you from a sales rep to their sales rep like telling Sam from Production “Hello” by name, every visit. And employees who are happy to see you are employees who are happy to ask the decision maker to order more of what you sell.

2. Being Noteworthy

Once you start greeting those employees by name, your opportunity to build a connection through conversation opens. As you build that connection, you can learn about each person’s specific role in the company and what value your products/services can be to their specific job. You also can learn about their personal lives and what they value most.

But how can you remember so many details about hundreds, if not thousands of businesses, let alone individual employees?

Yep … CRM to the rescue again, through adding notes from each sales visit.

Now you can do more than say hi to Sam. You can ask him how his new grandchild is doing. Or you can inquire about the latest remodel Sally the purchasing manager is overseeing for the back office. And of course, you won’t forget that Terry the shop owner is always out of the office on Wednesday, preventing a fruitless visit. Notes from prior sales calls are priceless for planning your next visit, and nothing saves notes like a CRM.

3. Keeping in Touch

Regardless of what sales/ordering system your company uses, it’s likely that accessing customer contact info isn’t its most user-friendly feature. Even if you can pull it up, you’ll likely only access one customer at a time.

So what if you need to tell your entire Asheville customer base you’ll be in town next Tuesday? Or what if your company is running a special for the next three days only and you won’t make it to half your territory until next week?

… You know where this is going. CRM software can give you a convenient place to store phone numbers and, better yet, email addresses. Add in the ability to assign “Tags” to each customer, and you can have your entire Asheville, “East-Side” or “Express Delivery” market pulled up in a snap, ready to fire off a blast email (or an old-school phone blitz) to keep them informed.

4. Eyes on the Prize

Finally, a good CRM solution will offer you a place to put “Tasks” and “Goals,” target-based projects for growing your territory.

Looking to increase sales $250,000 over last year? Use your CRM to target your top 10 buying customers and design a plan to build them up.

Is your No. 15 customer looking to expand? Set up a task to bullet-point every way you can assist.

The bottom line: A quality CRM solution is more than a Rolodex or a notepad. It is a tool beyond measure for keeping you informed, organized and prepared to serve your customers to the best of your ability, and sometimes, even beyond.