How to Pick your Eldercare Pros

Written by Julia on October 19, 2015

Take the time to find the right advisor and it will be worth the effort in the long run. Choose advisors who understand longevity and bring to discussions an expertise and experience analyzing long-term care and finances.

Start your search for an adviser by soliciting referrals from people you trust. Before engaging the services of any advisor, conduct a background check and ask for references.

Here is a list of potential eldercare advisors:

  • Certified Financial Planner with Financial Gerontology certification
  • Certified Public Accountant with Personal Financial Specialist certification
  • Elder law attorney
  • Bank trust officer
  • Insurance agent
  • Investment advisor
  • Realtor
  • Employer retirement and pension advisor
  • Medical and insurance claims adjuster
  • Health care professional
  • Social Security counselor
  • Medicare counselor
  • Medicaid caseworker
  • Funeral director

Questions to ask before hiring eldercare professional advisors:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • What is your work history?
  • What is your education background?
  • Which license, certification, and special trainings do you have?
  • How do you stay current with developments in your field?
  • What services do you offer? What services do you not offer?
  • Who will actually do the work? Will it be you or an assistant?
  • How are your fees determined? What are the terms for payment?
  • Is there a charge for the initial visit?
  • What can I expect to pay for the services I need?
  • Are you compensated by businesses that you refer me to?
  • Will you provide written reports? How often?
  • Have you or are you now involved in a lawsuit?
  • Who are some of your clients? Will you provide three references?

About the Author

Reprinted with permission from Joy Loverde, author of The Complete Eldercare Planner (revised and updated, 2009, Random House). Everything you need is in this book. Time- and money-saving checklists, worksheets, websites, step-by-step action plans, low-cost resources, and questions to ask professionals—an essential resource for anyone struggling with the many challenges that face today’s caregivers.  

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